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Our mission is to pioneer a new age of cybersecurity. We exist to protect the modern world from the threats of tomorrow. Our mission is simple but bold. We believe there are fundamental flaws in the way we secure critical infrastructure, threatening our safety, security, and economy. At Pinn, we are committed to building identity solutions that address these concerns and protect our global community.


In the cyber domain, people prove their identity with a password that can be lost, stolen, or guessed. In 2016, 81% of data breaches were perpetrated using stolen passwords. This is a fundamental flaw in the fabric of our digital world. Our vision is to find more effective ways to prove people’s true identity.


Every human is unique. The way we look, sound, type, and walk are all unique attributes that can identify us. In our modern digital world, every device we interact with is full of sensors – gyroscopes, accelerometers, cameras, force sensors, and more. We use artificial intelligence and sensor data to learn the attributes that make individuals unique. Our research and solutions mark a fundamental shift in the way we identify humans in the cyber domain.



Redwood City, CA

Year founded


Company type

Privately Held

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11-50 employees


Behavioral Biometrics, Attribution, Cybersecurity, Continuous Authentication, Fraud Detection, Behavioral Authentication, Time Series Audit Trail, Chain of Trust, and Advanced Threats